Questionable Work

(Not our Work)

Patient came in with a crown that kept falling off. They just wanted it re-cemented... This is how the tooth was prepped and the crown made on top.

Crowns are not designed to be removable when properly prepared.

Teeth prepped for crowns should not have holes in them. There is temporary material still inside the tooth (cotton stuffed inside from the root canal which should have been removed). The tooth has been over prepared (both taken down too far, and the walls tapered in too much. This crown will constantly fall off.

This is what happens when you don't take a pre-cementation x-ray. The large overhangs on the crown will cause issues with the implant down the road.

Another example. Note the 'saucerization' around the implant in the bone. It's indicative of bone loss, and is the first stage of implant failure. The poor fitting crown and overhang cause plaque accumulation and inflammation which causes the bone to resorb around the implant. Eventually the implant will fail.

Consult visit: The tooth has been over-reduced (down to the gingiva.) If even restorable, it would need a root canal and a laboratory fabricated post inside. Eventually it will fail and an implant will be needed, because of the below standard of care work.

Crown next to this tooth has been root canaled through and all the porcelain of the Porcelain fused to metal crown has fractured off. This does not happen with ceramic crowns.

These are teeth that were under a recently cemented bridge! Lots of decay.

This is what the tooth looked like after we took the old crown off.

Open distal margin. This is how the crown was delivered. If this isn't fixed the patient will lose this tooth.