We love saving teeth. But we know that not all teeth can be saved. When teeth have severe decay below the bone level, or the teeth have broken off at the gumline, often the teeth will need to be removed. We are as atraumatic as possible, preserving the surrounding tissues and bone so that everything heals as well as could be.

When removing teeth, we take the utmost care to not damage the bone that surrounds the tooth root. This is very important as defects in the walls caused by careless surgery will lead to poor healing, ill-fitting dentures, or an inability to place an implant.

We offer bone grafting of the spaces after the teeth are removed, so that implants or well fitting dentures can be fabricated later.

Post-Op Care:

  • The Body is very smart. After a tooth is loss, the space will fill with blood. This blood clots, we call it 'The Blood Clot.' This blood clot is how the body knows to grow bone into the area. Anything that dislodges this clot will lead to dry-socket. This is when the bony walls of the socket are exposed to air, which is very painful. It will heal, but very slowly and not as well. Avoiding hot liquids, suction or spitting and alcohol helps prevent dry-socket.