Digital Impressions

We use the 3M TruDefinition IntraOral Scanner. The scanner uses 3D-in-motion video technology to create a highly accurate model of your teeth. This results in less adjustments at delivery and a more accurate fit!

Cosmetic Bonding

A fancy term for an esthetic resin filling. Resin based filling material can be a great choice not only for posterior tooth restorations but also anterior teeth that have old fillings, cracks, stains or chipping. We use 3M Supreme Filtek Restoration materials, the latest in nanocomposite restorations! These fillings have very low wear characteristics (they last a long time) and can be polished to look flawless for anterior teeth!


Bridges replace missing teeth. They are indicated when there is a missing tooth between two teeth that need crowns. We do not recommend bridges when the adjacent teeth do not need crowns. Bridges restore the missing tooth space, but they do place some stress on the adjacent teeth. This is important when considering the axis of the stress:

  • Tooth Supported: A bridge that has the pontic or missing tooth between two crowns
  • Cantilever bridges: A bridge where the pontic 'hangs off' the end. There are two types
    • Mesial Cantilever: The pontic is the most forward or anterior tooth of the bridge.
    • Distal Cantilever: The pontic is the last tooth on the bridge. These are contraindicated in any circumstances with natural teeth. They create an extraction force on the teeth, and slowly cause the other teeth to fail. Sadly we see a lot of these


Veneers are a single restoration that is bonded to the front teeth for esthetics. They have a reputation for falling off. This is either because the bonding wasn't done with proper treatment of the glass within the restoration prior to cementation, or the patient's occlusion (how they bite) has an anterior protrusive interference (when teeth slide around the front teeth hit each other)

Veneers used to be made of porcelain back in the day. Unfortunately, more tooth structure needed to be removed, and the porcelain is brittle and prone to chipping

Today, veneers can be made of Lithium dislicate (known as Emax). This is a very strong and beautiful restorative material that can be bonded to the teeth.


We are proud to offer several different whitening options to meet the needs of our patient base

Zoom! Laser Whitening: An hour long appointment that will get your teeth their whitest and brightest! Patient's teeth are isolated, and an LED Laser lamp is used to accelerate the whitening process.

Custom Bleaching Trays: We fabricate custom bleaching trays that can be used at home with whitening gels to keep your teeth white!

Take-Home Kits


Custom made aligners that use attachments that are bonded to the surface of the teeth to move teeth to their proper position. Each aligner slowly moves the teeth, moving them horizontally, vertically or rotating when needed. The aligners are fitted precisely to your teeth. With our digital impression techniques, the time between a digital impression and starting Invisalign is cut down dramatically!